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Please take a look at just some of our Construction Management Services based in and around Central London UK.

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As the design work progresses and construction documents are prepared, we begin to provide comprehensive construction management services for the construction phase. Our staff coordinate, manage, and supervise construction to ensure that the project is safe and built in strict accordance with the contract documents.

Through the use of subcontractors, suppliers, and our own professional forces, we provide the necessary labor, materials, tools, equipment, temporary utilities, and facilities necessary to complete all construction.

The following represents the construction management services typically provided to our clients. All activities are specifically tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

EML-European Management Ltd was founded in 1999 in London. The company quickly gained
a reputation for its customer service. As our reputation for quality work grew, so did our organization. For over 7 years, EML has functioned under one philosophy: unrelenting dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

This simple, yet unshakable, value is the foundation of our success. Today more than ever we continually seek to anticipate and understand these expectations. Our passion and desire to provide exemplary service is the key to establishing and maintaining these partnerships.

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